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Passover Meals and Seder sign up.

*Passover meals offered to Virginia Tech student members.

For Seder sign up ONLY click here.

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Please Check BOXES below!

Lunch Thursday, April 6th - $15 

Lunch Friday, April 7th- $15
Friday night Shabbat Dinner, April 7th - $15

Shabbat Lunch, April 8th - $15
Dinner Saturday, April 8th - $15

Lunch Sunday, April 9th - $15
Dinner Sunday, April 9th - $15

Lunch Monday, April 10th - $15
Dinner Monday, April  10th- $15

Lunch Tuesday, April 11th- $15
Dinner Tuesday, April 11th - $15

Lunch Wednesday, Apriil 12th- $15
 Dinner Wednesday, April 12th - $15

Lunch Thursday, April 13th  - $15
Final Passover Meal - 7:15pm, Saturday, April 13th - $15



Option 1

Bundle Package: $120 (before March 28th) or $200 (after March 28th).

Pay per meal: $15 per meal. Amount of meals



You may want to consider giving an added gift and help us co-sponsoring our efforts.

Donation Amount Sponsor $360

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